Find the Method in the Copy, Feel the Rhythm in Your Voice and Write From Your Heart.

You have this amazing service or product that your target audience shouldn’t live without. You are so excited that you can’t wait to shout to the world, “I’m over here, and I have exactly what you need!”

You know you have to do it. But, it’s taking you forever to express yourself. It’s plain. It’s robotic. It’s just not saying anything to anyone. Your sales copy is singing the blues.

If you are having trouble being creative, the next time something catches your eye in your social media feed, take the time to study the method of the copy you love.


Find the Method 

Is there an ad they got your attention? Was it a one-liner, short paragraph or as long as a book?  

Where was the call to action? Where did the link take you? Was it speaking to you or a different audience? Did the copy speak to your problem or did reveal one you didn't think you had?


Find the Rhythm

You have a unique rhythm in your voice. Finding it can be hard. It’s not like we listen to ourselves every day. But, we can. Next time you talk to your bestie, let her know that you are recording the call for “training purposes.” By the time you catch up with the day’s shenanigans, you would have forgotten that the you are being recorded. I use Tape-A-Call Pro when I speak to my clients during my sales call and coaching sessions.


Think about the opening words or catch phrases you use every day.

There are transition words, phrases or pause sounds such as uh, ah, eh or um that we use in our everyday communication. 

Such as: 

Here’s the thing…



Sounds good.

Oh, yes.


Wait. What?

No way.

I know, I know.


Write from Your Heart

If you don’t believe in what you have to offer, how can your audience believe? Here are some questions you can ask yourself while you are writing:

Does it feel authentic to you?

Do you need to be more transparent?

Is your offer amazing…like you?

What problem will it solve?

Are you good at what you do?

Can you promise to deliver?


First, if you want to share a story with your audience, then find the method in the copy you love. Was there an ad that persuaded you to click and buy? Was there an ad that didn't have a product or service you needed, but it was so amazing that you had to share?

Second, feel the rhythm in your voice. Write one sentence at a time. Say it out loud until the words sound like you are having a conversation. Include words and phrases you use every day.

Third, write from your heart. Think about the people you are serving. How do you feel about your offer? What happens to your audience if they don’t solve their problem? How will your audience feel when they receive it?

And now, you have copy that is no longer singing the blues, but totally rocks!

Most importantly, whatever you write, DO NOT COPY! That's not cool.

So, if you are ready to super-niche, ultra-target and write copy that flows as easy as Sunday morn, then let us help you find the rhythm in your voice and find the people who will listen. 

Marketing is Exposure. Selling is Closure.

Marketing is Exposure. Selling is Closure.

Big companies have two clearly defined departments for Marketing and Sales. 

Solo and small business owners often wear both hats. And so, the two functions get mixed up into one. When this happens the message to the target audience become blurred or weak. 

It’s best to separate the functions of each part of your business into departments. So, when you put on the marketing hat or the sales hat your efforts are focused.