Elite Emotional Mastery 

Emotional Mastery, Performance Optimization & Life Management Program for Women


Only 10 students enrolled per month so that they receive undivided attention with unsurpassed transformation.



 As a high-achieving woman professional or an emerging leader, your journey is one of grace and resilience.


Despite your numerous triumphs, complex challenges may still arise, casting shadows over your path to further success.

These moments demand strength, finesse, and wisdom to navigate through them with elegance.

In the dance of leadership, business difficulties and team dynamics can sometimes present a labyrinth too intricate to traverse alone.

During these times, seeking clarity and support isn't merely beneficial; it's a strategic move that paves the way to your next breakthrough.

Even the most confident leaders can face moments of doubt, a frustrating haze that obscures the brilliance of your potential.

But remember, feeling momentarily undervalued or immobile isn't a full stop; it's a comma, a pause that beckons a transformative shift in your professional narrative.

Your ascent to higher echelons of leadership is a testament to your unwavering dedication.

Yet, amidst this rise, the solitary nature of leadership can become palpable.

It's here that the Elite Emotional Mastery program becomes not just a guiding light but a beacon that rekindles the fires of ambition and passion.

If these words resonate with the silent dialogues of your heart, know that your journey need not be a solitary endeavor.

The Elite Emotional Mastery program is a sanctuary where your leadership challenges are understood and met with bespoke strategies.

Together, we will unveil the map of your destiny, reignite the flames of your passion, and gracefully ascend to the remarkable heights you are destined to reach.


This is an invitation for high-achieving women professionals and emerging leaders to the Elite Emotional Mastery program.





High-achieving women like you are navigating a world that's not satisfied with the status quo. 

You're carving paths, shattering ceilings, and redefining success on your own terms. 

In this dynamic life chapter, traditional online courses and standard coaching models fall short.

They often lack the flexibility, personalization, and depth that you rightfully demand.

They assume one size fits all, leaving little room for the nuances of your journey.

They don't account for your already impressive knowledge base, the specific challenges you face, or the sophisticated goals you're pursuing.

The cornerstone of my method is to ensure that your experiences, insights, and distinct ambitions are acknowledged and celebrated.



Elevating high-achieving women has always been at the core of our movement.

We recognize the unique challenges and perspectives women bring to the table.

By explicitly addressing their needs and aspirations, we aim to provide a safe container where every woman can thrive regardless of where they've been or where they're going.


Elite Emotional Mastery can apply to all facets of your life.

Our approach combines an understanding of emotional factors, human behavior, and neuroscience insights related to money and overall well-being.

And, once applied, you'll create real lifelong change with positive results.

Our goal is for you to design your life and your economy.



Elite Emotional Mastery

Emotional Mastery, Performance Optimization

& Life Management Program for Women

 What's included?


On-Demand Access: Personalized advisory right when you need it. 

Are you facing a challenging emotional hurdle or in need of guidance for a major life decision?

We'll be here to provide timely, expert advice, saving you from wading through endless generic information. 


Monthly Strategic Check-Ins: Consider this your emotional wellness touchpoint.

Every month, we'll assess your progress, refine strategies, and set tangible milestones.

You'll receive actionable insights and tasks, ensuring steady personal growth without feeling overwhelmed.


Performance Optimization Review: We take a holistic view of your situation every two months.

We'll assess your past achievements, present balance, and future aspirations, ensuring alignment with your life goals.


Holistic Emotional Development: This journey transcends mere emotional intelligence.

Together, we'll explore the vast spectrum of emotional facets, from awareness and maturity to understanding the intricate dance of hormones and neurotransmitters, ensuring each step forward is deeply rooted in genuine mastery.


Emotional Mastery Integration: Harness your emotions, even during life's upheavals.

By weaving emotional mastery into every aspect of your personal and professional life, decisions become reflections of clarity, confidence, and understanding.


Accountability and Support: You're not in this alone. 

We'll be your dedicated allies, ensuring you stay accountable to your goals, offering encouragement, and celebrating your victories, big or small. 


A Personal Touch with Unexpected Delights: Do you like surprises? We do, too!

Experience personalized appreciation gestures throughout your journey, celebrating your dedication, milestones, and achievements. 


Personal Results Achieved:

  • ¬†Enhance leadership effectiveness by mastering life management skills, leading to improved work-life balance and business results.

  • ¬†Overcome complex business challenges with a support system designed to navigate the intricacies of team dynamics.

  • Receive expert guidance and support, crucial for carving out a successful and fulfilling professional journey.

  • Identify and address personal and professional roadblocks, facilitating a pathway to success with clear, actionable strategies.

  • Rebuild self-confidence by conquering self-doubt and frustration, equipping oneself with the tools to tackle future challenges independently.

  • Transform feelings of under-appreciation and demotivation into renewed energy and drive, fostering a productive and positive work environment.

  • Expand personal development by integrating self-care routines, leading to sustained high performance and emotional well-being.

  • Create a supportive social network of peer leaders outside the workplace, providing a platform for mutual growth and learning at higher echelons of leadership.

Professional Results Achieved:

  • ¬†Transform self-perception as a leader by overcoming hidden performance barriers, resulting in tangible business outcomes.

  • ¬†Navigate complex business and team dynamics with strategic interventions, enhancing team performance and problem resolution.

  • Gain clarity and direction with personalized guidance, paving a clear path for professional advancement and decision-making.

  • Identify and dismantle roadblocks to success, unlocking new levels of achievement and leadership prowess.

  • Overcome self-doubt through targeted coaching, fostering confidence and the skills to surmount unprecedented challenges independently.

  • Reinvigorate motivation and appreciation in professional roles, moving from a state of stagnation to one of active engagement and recognition.

  • Incorporate professional self-care strategies, leading to heightened resilience, sustained peak performance, and a healthier, more engaged workplace culture.
  • Cultivate a robust network of like-minded female leaders, ensuring a supportive and enriching environment for continued growth and leadership excellence.

Redefining Guidance:

Beyond Advisory, Coaching, or Consulting

In a world abundant with advisors, coaches, and consultants, our role diverges from the traditional paths you may have encountered.


We believe in a fusion of all three, standing as a unique beacon in the realm of personal, career, and business growth.

This integrated approach is born from an understanding that high-achieving women require a multifaceted ally that the conventional boundaries of standard roles won't confine.

Why does this matter?

Your journey toward success isn't one-dimensional.

It's a vibrant, constantly evolving narrative that demands more than cookie-cutter guidance.

It craves the wisdom of a consultant, the personalized strategy of an advisor, and the empathetic support of a coach.

That's where we step in, delivering a synergy of expertise tailored exclusively for you.

Our Fee Structure & Policy

We believe in complete transparency, which is why we openly provide our fee structure.


This openness is foundational to our partnership, ensuring you feel confident and informed from the very beginning.



For comprehensive access to tailored emotional mastery 1:1 coaching, performance optimization, and holistic life management, the investment tiers are:

Paid in Full: An upfront payment of $6,000 for 6 months, rewarding your commitment with a streamlined process and total cost savings.

Payment Plan: An initial retainer of $2,500, followed by 5 monthly payments of $900, totaling $7,000.

This option provides flexibility to accommodate your endeavors while ensuring uninterrupted service and support.



Please note that we are dedicated to providing you with exceptional value and committed support throughout this transformative journey.

As such, all investments in your future through this program are final and non-refundable.

This policy reflects our mutual commitment to your success and ensures the highest level of service and dedication.

Your investment encompasses all program features, from on-demand advisory services to monthly strategic check-ins and a pathway to holistic success.



  • Welcome and Exit 1-2 Hour Sessions
  • Elite Emotional Mastery Program
  • On-demand support with Dedicated Communication Channels for Email, Phone, and Text Messaging
  • 6 Monthly Life Management Plans
  • Customized Scheduled Check-Ins
  • 3 Performance Optimization¬†Reports

Why Work with Me?


Embark on a transformative journey with me, where raw pain and adversity become the crucibles for crafting a life brimming with vitality.

Yet, it was this relentless pursuit of happiness that sculpted my resilience.

Today, I stand before you as the architect of Filmore Advisors, a high-end, high-touch tax and consulting firm.

In addition, under my namesake brand, Denise Marie Filmore, I guide executives, professionals, and team members with Emotional Mastery, Workplace Performance, and Neuroscience-Driven strategies.

My passion for holistic growth led to the inception of the Grace Pier Project, a non-profit dedicated to empowering children and adults through Social and Emotional Learning.

Furthermore, with the Her Everyday Wealth coaching program, I illuminate the path for women to become expert personal finance managers and adept investors in the stock market.

Yet, this is merely the prelude.

My vision is expansive, and your potential is limitless.

Now, I'm inviting you to experience this profound transformation.

Every few months, I open the doors to welcome ten women into my Elite Emotional Mastery Program‚ÄĒcrafted with the same powerful strategies that have revolutionized corporations.


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