Find the Beauty in Your Everyday After Child Loss

Bereaved Mothers Rebuilding Their Lives with New Dreams and New Hope


Get the gentle nudge you need to move through grief, move onward with life, and experience an improved sense of wellness.

Share your journey through an online community filled with sensitive-hearted mothers, just like you, rebuilding their lives.

Get access to video lessons and beautifully crafted workbooks so that you’re never left unclear about your progress.

Join over 250 sensitive hearts in the Collective!

Forget the days of feeling like no one understands you, feeling abandoned, or struggling to figure out this grief thing. Regardless of your past life, current life, or lifestyle, our community will support you every step of the way.

Her Grace Collective

Her Grace Collective is a monthly mentorship, membership and community designed specifically for bereaved mothers [hand-holding included] to provide guidance on self-care and well-being after child loss.

It's designed for mothers who have just started their journey through grief and in the rawness of it all; or for mothers who've been walking the journey for a while.

Either way, Her Everyday Grace will guide you to pursue a more joyful life with purpose–a life that tells your story and honors your child's legacy.

Let's take a gentle journey from grief to grace.

Her Journey to Grace

Her Journey to Grace is the Life Path bereaved mothers use to gently release grief, mend their hearts, restore their spirits and ease back into the world with confidence and grace.

  1. Choose Herself
  2. Create Her Space
  3. Compose Time
  4. Cherish Her Memories & Dreams
  5. Comfort Her Spirit
  6. Cultivate Her Heart & Mindset
  7. Craft Her Life Plan

Be the victor of your story.

Hello, I'm Denise Marie!

I'm so happy you found your way here! I am the founder and mentor behind Her Grace Collective membership. As a bereaved mother and grandmother, I use my personal experience, life training, and artistic gifts to create beautiful and interactive content to help bereaved mothers move through grief and move onward with life, holistically and naturally, through monthly self-care and well-being routines.


Bereaved mothers will:

  • Create healthy habits, sensible schedules and relaxing routines to help gently release grief, mend their hearts and restore their spirits.
  • Obtain a holistic approach to grieving naturally and living a full life.
  • Nourish their life space to help protect and preserve their mind, body, and spirit.
  • Depart on an unexpected adventure of self-discovery and gently reconnect with the world.
  • Create a forever legacy for their child to honor their life.
  • Embrace the layers and clusters of emotions inside of grief so that you can be more present, in the present, and begin to see the beauty in life’s everyday moments.

Join the Collective

$7 monthly subscription


Beautifully curated content delivered each month.

What's Inside?

All the goodness!

  • Exclusive Welcome Digital Package
  • Her Grace Collective Monthly Membership: Beautifully crafted content delivered each month: self-care, well-being and journaling prompts
  • Her Journey to Grace: A Life Path to rebuilding a new life with new dreams and new hope: videos & PDFs included
  • Soulful Moments Mini-Workshops: Monthly Midday, Morning and Nighttime Do-Not-Disturb-Me-Moments for the mind, body, and spirit
  • Moodswings Recipe Cards: Monthly recipes for Mood-Enhancing, Soul-Soothing & Emotional Detoxing
  • Her Seasons of Life: Nourishing Seasonal Activities and Interactive Journals
  • Her Life Plan: Create a step-by-step plan for every facet of life–videos & worksheets provided
  • Her Grace Collective:
    • Private Member Forum: Located inside the membership platform to help keep you on track with your progress
    • Private Facebook Community: A comforting, supportive and compassionate community of kind-hearted mothers

Get a sneak peek inside the membership portal.

Check out Her Everyday Grace 2020-2021 syllabus. 


Join the Collective

$7 monthly subscription


Gently move through the grief journey with integrity, grace and elegance.

Develop mindful life tools:

  • Self-Coaching to get to know who you are at the core and take an active role to...take care of YOU.
  • Self-Awareness of emotions and how they affect you and your life.
  • Self-Exploration of life and what needs to happen to move forward and onward.
  • Self-Reflection to get out of your way and change your story's narrative when life calls.

Her Everyday Grace Provides Everything You Need To Thrive.

Mentorship. Community. Membership.

The Only One Missing is You.

Join the Collective

$7 monthly subscription

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