A Whole New Way to Live with Loss

Her Journey to Grace Life Path workshop helps mothers who have experienced child, infant or pregnancy loss to:

Release grief with ease and gently step back into the world with confidence and grace.

Get the seven essential phases to rebuilding a new life with new dreams and new hope.

Learn how to integrate their loss into their lives to make it WHOLE again.

What's Included?

  • Welcome Package: Orientation Video and Life Path
  • Curated Content:
    • 5 Daily Videos
    • 5 Beautiful Worksheets
  • Her Grace Collective Private Member Forum: Community Support and Q&A
  • Her Brain Boost: Simple brain hacking techniques to help you feel better at any given moment you need a quick pick-me-up to get through the day.

Cost: FREE in the Membership.

Introducing Her Journey to Grace

Her Journey to Grace is a powerful Life Path designed to begin the mending of your heart, restore your spirit, release grief with ease and help you step back into the world with confidence and grace.

It's a new mini-workshop with short videos and worksheets, for you to get clarity on where you are in your journey today and where you want to be.

While analyzing my journey and working with other bereaved mothers on a one-to-one basis, I've identified 7-phases needed to begin the rebuilding of your new life.

  1. Choose Herself: Staying true to who you are and keeping promises to yourself.
  2. Create Her Space: Learning what it takes to take care of you and your well-being.
  3. Compose Her Time: Setting boundaries, saying no and purging what doesn't work in your life.
  4. Cherish Her Memories & Dreams: Building forever legacies to make your life whole again.
  5. Comfort Her Spirit: Strengthening, protecting and preserving all that you are.
  6. Cultivate Her Heart & Mindset: Mending your heart by understanding and embracing emotions.
  7. Craft Her Life Plan: Designing and implementing your life plan.

Because your journey through grief is not linear, there may be times where you have to step back into a phase or spend a little extra time in a phase. And that's okay.

Grief journeys are individualized, and therefore your journey will be customized to you, your circumstance, and your experience.

The beauty of the Life Path is that you can use the plan throughout your life. Because life happens. 

These 7-phases cover all aspects of rebuilding your new life. 


You May Be Asking...

The losing of a child, infant or pregnancy, leaves mothers in an unfathomable state of mind. With the shattering of the spirit, there's a slight chance bereaved mothers may be questioning their faith or life itself.

Why me? Why them? Why now?

Whether mothers realize it or not, grief slowly attacks the immune system. The mind, body, and spirit needs nourishment.

But, what do I need and how can I get it?

Family and friends are trying to understand and provide support the best way they know how. But, most mother's find it best to seclude themselves as much as possible to sort out their life and protect themselves from tone-deaf comments.

How can I help them help me?

Bereaved mothers may just be starting their journey through grief or walking the journey after 5, 10, or even 20 years. But, time is irrelevant because time doesn't mend your heart. And, mothers have probably figured it out that grief doesn't repair itself.

So now what?

Mothers join communities that have accepted life is always going to be dark and painful. But, they also noticed that there are a few mothers who are changing their lives. And, they want that too. They are ready to get off the rollercoaster of emotions. Bereaved mothers are searching for a better way.

What's the best path?


Her Journey to Grace Life Path

The seven essential phases needed to guide mothers on their journeys through grief, so they know where they are today and where they want to go to start living again.

Her Mini Workshop

This workshop delivers short videos and simple worksheets to help mothers release grief with ease and gently step back into the world with confidence and grace.

Her Grace Collective

A private forum so mothers can ask questions, get answers and learn how to integrate their loss into their lives to make it whole again–with purpose and intention.

It's Time to Choose You!

Being an active participant in the rebuilding of a new life requires commitment and intention. Some mothers may move forward and backward several times in one phase before sustaining their space long enough to move onward to the next phase. Some may feel like quitting.

That's why there will be a Private Forum, inside the Workshop platform, for mothers to ask questions and get clarity as they move through their new Life Path.

And, I'm always right there to hold their hands every step of the way.

We can do this together. We are better together when mothers have support from those who understand the journey.

Mothers who have experienced child, infant or pregnancy loss are ready to build boundaries, set new goals, and learn how to integrate their loss into their lives -- with purpose and intention -- to make it WHOLE again.

Get the seven essential phases to rebuilding a new life with new dreams and new hope. Find the beauty in your everyday and begin moving forward and onward.