2020-2021 SYLLABUS



Dedicate some time for daily morning renewals. Give yourself space to breathe before starting the day.

  • 9/8: Video & Workbook: Embrace the Emotional Layers & Clusters of Grief
  • 9/15: Autumn Season of Life Activity
  • 9/22: Soul Nourishment & Interactive Journal
  • 9/29: Live Q&A


Develop a Secret Support System and Grief Care Tool Box to keep you from falling into a place of no return.

  • 10/6: Video & Workbook: Her Toolbox
  • 10/13: Autumn Seasonal of Life Activity
  • 10/20: Soul Nourishment & Interactive Journal
  • 10/27: Live Q&A


Imagine new possibilities. Take the unconventional path to living.

  • 11/3: Video & Workbook: Stories, Legacies & Footprints
  • 11/10: Autumn Seasonal of Life Activity
  • 11/17: Soul Nourishment & Interactive Journal
  • 11/24: Live Q&A


Self-identify, show up and figure out what that means for you, your family, your friends, and the world. Get clear on what you want and why you want it.

  • 12/1: Video & Workbook: New Purpose, New Dreams & New Desires
  • 12/8: Winter Season of Life Activity
  • 12/15: Soul Nourishment & Interactive Journal
  • 12/22: Live Q&A


Learn how to self-regulate and hit the reset button when life becomes unbearable.

  • 1/5: Video & Workbook: Listen to Your Mind & Heart
  • 1/12: Winter Season of Life Activity
  • 1/19: Soul Nourishment & Interactive Journal
  • 1/26: Live Q&A


Design non-negotiable relaxation rituals, sensible schedules, and simple systems.

  • 2/2: Video & Workbook: Live Every Moment with Intention
  • 2/9: Winter Season of Life Activity
  • 2/16: Soul Nourishment & Interactive Journal
  • 2/23: Live Q&A

MARCH 2021:

Repair the parts of your life that grief has broken by taking a bird’s eye view of 12 facets of your life.

  • 3/2: Video & Workbook: Cleanse Your Life
  • 3/9: Spring Season of Life Activity
  • 3/16: Soul Nourishment & Interactive Journal
  • 3/23: Live Q&A

APRIL 2021:

Stop ignoring yourself and create new wholesome habits designed for a healthy lifestyle change.

  • 4/6: Video & Workbook: Wholesome Habits
  • 4/13: Spring Season of Life Activity
  • 4/20: Soul Nourishment & Interactive Journal
  • 4/27: Live Q&A

MAY 2021:

Remove negative talk from your mind and heart by editing your story to get to your desired feeling.

  • 5/4: Video & Workbook: Master Your Emotions
  • 5/11: Spring Season of Life Activity
  • 5/18: Soul Nourishment & Interactive Journal
  • 5/25: Live Q&A

JUNE 2021:

Reduce memory loss, combat forgetfulness and improve concentration naturally, organically and holistically.

  • 6/8: Video & Workbook: Jumpstart Your Brain
  • 6/15: Summer Season of Life Activity
  • 6/22: Soul Nourishment & Interactive Journal
  • 6/29: Live Q&A

JULY 2021:

Become self-aware of the triggers that ignite negative energy and recognize behaviors that don’t serve you.

  • 7/6: Video & Workbook: Delight in Who You Are
  • 7/13: Summer Season of Life Activity:
  • 7/20: Soul Nourishment & Interactive Journal
  • 7/27: Live Q&A

AUGUST 2021:

Curate our Life Plan for each facet of your life. Live a life full of authenticity and integrity.

  • 8/10: Video & Workbook: Life Planning
  • 8/17: Summer Season of Life Activity
  • 8/24: Soul Nourishment & Interactive Journal
  • 8/31: Live Q&A

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