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Welcome to Storybook Forest Wildlife Art

Step into a world where whimsy meets emotional mastery.

In my enchanted forest, animals come to life through the delicate strokes of oil, watercolor, and pen and ink.

Each painting tells a story without words, inviting you to embark on a visual journey of self-discovery and emotional growth.


Meet Our Characters

Grace the Duckling
Grace embodies tranquility and resilience.

Her serene adventures teach us the importance of staying calm amidst life's ripples and embracing change with poise.

Chelsea the Hedgehog
Chelsea represents courage and introspection.

Her tales of curiosity and bravery encourage us to look within, confront our fears, and find strength in our vulnerabilities.


About My Art

My creations are more than just paintings; they are heartfelt tales woven into the fabric of a magical forest.

Each piece is designed to resonate with children and adults, offering a sanctuary of peace and a touch of magic in today's fast-paced world.


What I Offer

Original Paintings:

Explore my gallery of original oil, watercolor, and pen and ink works, each capturing the essence of emotional mastery through enchanting forest scenes.

Prints and Merchandise:

Bring a piece of my storybook forest into your home with high-quality prints and charming merchandise featuring my beloved characters.

Artistic Workshops:

Join my workshops to learn the art of storytelling through painting and discover how to creatively express your emotions and inner world.


My Mission

I believe in the power of art to heal, inspire, and transform.

My mission is to create a visual sanctuary that not only delights the eye but also nurtures the soul, guiding you on a journey of emotional mastery through the whimsical tales of our forest friends.


Future Friends

Stay tuned as my storybook forest continues to grow.

We will introduce new characters, each with unique journeys and lessons, adding even more depth and charm to our enchanted world.

Hello, I'm Denise Marie Filmore!

Fine Artist, Storyteller, & Poet

Emotional Mastery Expert

Neuroscience Strategist


We often encounter unexpected challenges while navigating the mosaic journey of life and leadership, but it's during these moments that our true potential reveals itself.

A significant life event altered my course, offering profound insight into the depths of human resilience and the power of emotional mastery.