I believe that with every new day, we get the chance to create a life that is bold, beautiful, boundless, and full of wonder.


The Transformation


A tragedy struck in 2016, forever changing my life's trajectory.

I faced the devastating loss of my son and grandson, a heartbreak that plunged me into emotional depths I'd never imagined.

This personal journey initiated a deep exploration into the realms of emotional intelligence and neuroscience-driven strategies, uncovering their transformative impact on personal and professional growth.

Today, as a high-achiever and workplace performance expert, I channel these insights to empower executives, professionals, leaders, and teams to unlock their limitless potential.






Building and sustaining wealth requires several moving parts to transfer to your beneficiaries.


Introducing Her Wealth Mastery Series–the quarterly series that dives deep into featured topics such as the Credit Score Enhancer.


The Credit Score Enhancer is a detailed training that helps you maximize, manage, and maintain your credit score, whether you want to go from 500 to 700 or 700 to 850. I'll teach you how to enhance your personal and business credit score without using agencies that only focus on the credit surface and not what's hidden beneath.


And that's just one Mastery Series. You'll get a new series each quarter.


Here are the upcoming Her Wealth Mastery Series: Online Business Empire Builder, Trust Fund Baby Portfolio, Tax Talk, and the Asset Collector. Check out the 2022 syllabus.





Her Everyday Wealth teaches you how to manage your ever-growing wealth holistically using a little secret available only to the super wealthy––until now.


The secret is a business entity called the Family Office.


Guess what? You don't have to be a part of the Ultra High Net Worth club to build a Family Office!


Her Everyday Wealth gives you step-by-step instructions on how to design a Family Office that creates wealth and builds your legacy for generations to come.


You'll receive checklists, challenges, and a special community to create:

  • Goal Based Planning & Investment

  • Family Governance & Education

  • Tax Strategy & Planning

  • Risk Management & Asset Protection

  • Estate, Philanthropy, & Legacy

  • Lifestyle & Wellness Resources

  • Business Development

And you can start at zero net worth...or below!

"I'm on a journey with no boundaries because I experience more giggles that way." ~ Denise Marie Filmore


Read, watch, or listen to each lesson in the Courses or Masterclasses.  


Follow instructions and complete the assignments.


Attend the Zoom Social Sessions, Q&As, or Her Wealth Mastery Series to receive a deeply ingrained understanding of the material...and maybe enjoy a few giggles here and there.


Ask questions, get support, and share your wins and not-so-great days in the community. We are here for you.


See, wealth-building doesn't stop with investments. You have to keep expanding your empire with support tools and resources.

With dedication, the right processes, and tools, anyone can navigate and emerge stronger from life's most challenging moments, moving through, forward, upward, and onward.



Our Mission

Our mission is grounded in leveraging cutting-edge neuroscience to foster environments where individuals can achieve emotional mastery.

Through our company's work, we guide executives, professionals, and teams to harness the power of not just emotional intelligence but the whole of emotional mastery as a catalyst for change, driving productivity and nurturing environments where individuals thrive amidst challenges.

We believe that every challenge holds the seed of growth and transformation.

We equip individuals with the tools to navigate life's complexities, not just to survive but to emerge stronger, wiser, and more capable.



Corporate Collaborations

Collaborating with corporations, we facilitate specialized workshops for team leaders and members.

These sessions are tailored to promote emotional intelligence and neuroscience-driven strategies, aiming to foster a healthier, more harmonious work environment.

This partnership underscores my commitment to individual growth and cultivating cohesive, empathetic, and high-performing professional teams.



A Proud Number Nerd

With a thriving tax advisory and CFO consulting firm, Filmore, Inc., I'm committed to using my skills to assist small businesses in demystifying personal finances, nurturing their investments, and empowering them to build lasting wealth.



My Passion Project

In a heartfelt endeavor to give back, I founded the Grace Pier Project, a non-profit dedicated to enriching the lives of grade school children. 

Through this initiative, as a fine artist and a certified holistic health coach, I fuse my artistic inclinations with holistic wellness and neuroscience insights, crafting Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) interactive, creative, and holistic workshops that leave an indelible impact on these young minds.

Please get in touch with us for more information.



Join us on this journey, where we'll explore, grow, and create a life imbued with limitless possibilities.

Three ways to work with us.

Executive Memo

Weekly Series

Get audio, video, and text-based action-oriented tips for navigating and mastering life, career, and business.


Public, Charter, & Private Schools K-12

Receive training in Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) along with Grief and Loss for staff and children.


Businesses and Non-Profit Organizations

Unlock the power of emotional mastery for your organization's team leaders and members and provide a better work environment.